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Lives we've changed

Michael Ng

Up and soaring was the power. Out of the window went the freedom. Misery was thick and overbearing. Until the ortho-k came about into my life, that is. It was fantastic, really. Unbelievable at first. Power free, and able, mobile, without a chunk of material sitting on your face, without having to worry about irregular sunburns. The lenses have allowed me to participate fully in sports, without the glasses taking flight or anything.

My sincerest thanks to Ms. Leong, for being patient, and always being there when it came to my eyes and lenses. Many thanks to all others who introduced this technology to me, I shall never regret going for it, it has brought much brightness to my days. Totally worth it. Absolutely sure of that.

Justine Retnam

I heard about the e-lens (CRT) from a friend and it sounded pretty cool, so I thought I’d give it a try. I’ve been wearing the e-lens for a couple of months and the results are amazing. I love being able to have freedom from glasses.

My vision is great and I don’t have to worry about misplacing my glasses all the time. I never enjoyed wearing glasses, so the e-lens was a dream come true. Thank you e-lens!!


When I first heard of the e-lens (CRT) I wanted to try it. It looked so simple and also said it was good for sports, of which I am very fond. My sister was going to try it too. I made her go first, when I saw her go through what looked like pain I didn’t want to try it but I did and I realized it was just the fact that it is really weird to have a piece of glass or whatever it is in your eye. I’ve been wearing the e-lens every night ever since. After a while you get used to it and don’t even realize that they are in your eye.

I can see just as well as I could with my glasses. I can do sports and run even better as I don’t have to worry about someone knocking off my glasses or my glasses slipping off my nose while I am running. It really made a difference in my life and it could make one in yours too!


I am ever grateful for the day my doctor father came across an article about orthokeratology. Subsequent enquiries led us to Ms. Leong of Y.K. Leong Sdn. Bhd. who is trained in this latest technology. I proved to be a perfect candidate for this, at ten years old my power was simply going up.

Initially it was a hassle putting in the lens at night and taking them out in the morning. After a couple of months I was quite adept at it just need an extra ten minutes in the morning and night. But it is a God-sent during the day, no specs on nose for me as I am a classical dancer. If I’m too tired I just don’t put in the e-lens and whenever the vision blurs I sleep with the lens on for a couple of hours.

I have recommended this e-lens to two close friends and they are as happy as I am. A big thank you to e-lens and Ms. Leong.